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Self Propelled Reaper Binder 4 Wheels

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A self-propelled reaper binder with 4 wheels is a versatile agricultural machine designed for harvesting and binding crops like grains, wheat, rice, and more. Here's a brief description of its features and functionality:

1. **Self-Propelled:** This reaper binder is equipped with its own propulsion system, typically powered by an internal combustion engine. It can move autonomously across the field, reducing the need for manual labor in terms of pushing or pulling the machine.

2. **Four-Wheel Configuration:** The four-wheel design provides stability and traction, ensuring that the machine can operate effectively even in uneven or challenging terrains. It helps prevent tipping and ensures smoother movement.

3. **Crop Harvesting:** The primary function of the reaper binder is to harvest standing crops efficiently. It features cutting mechanisms, such as sickle blades or a rotating cutter bar, that cut the crops at the desired height.

4. **Binding Capability:** In addition to harvesting, the machine is equipped with a binding mechanism that collects the cut crops into bundles or sheaves and ties them together with twine or wire. This process streamlines the post-harvest handling of the crop.

5. **Adjustable Cutting Height:** Many reaper binders allow users to adjust the cutting height to match the specific crop and harvesting conditions.

6. **Grain Collection:** The collected grain bundles are typically collected on a conveyor belt or platform and can be manually or mechanically transferred to a wagon or trailer for transportation.

7. **User-Friendly Controls:** Reaper binders are designed with user-friendly controls for adjusting cutting height, speed, and binding settings. Operators can easily control and monitor the machine's operation.

8. **Efficiency:** Self-propelled reaper binders are known for their efficiency, as they can cover large areas of fields quickly and reduce the labor required for harvesting and binding.

9. **Four-Wheel Drive:** The four-wheel drive system enhances traction and maneuverability, allowing the machine to operate effectively even in muddy or uneven terrain.

10. **Operator Comfort:** Many modern reaper binders are equipped with features to improve operator comfort, such as ergonomic seating, adjustable controls, and climate control systems in the cab.

11. **Maintenance:** Routine maintenance is essential to keep the machine in good working condition. Regular servicing of the engine, cutting mechanisms, and binding components is required.

12. **Versatility:** Reaper binders are versatile machines that can handle various types of crops and are widely used in grain-producing regions worldwide.

A self-propelled reaper binder with four wheels is a valuable addition to modern farming practices. It significantly reduces the labor and time required for crop harvesting and binding, contributing to improved farm productivity and efficiency.

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Automation Grade
1 Acre
Country of Origin
Fuel Tank Capacity
5.5 ltr
Number of Gears
4 Forward & 1 Reverse
Output Capacity
0.75 acre/hour
Product Type
Reaper Binder
Starting Mode
Self Start
Dimensions (W x H x D)
3550x1950x1330mm (Without Overhead Guard)
715 kg ( approx )
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