Manual Seed Drill with Single Barrel

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Introducing the Manual Seed Drill with Single Barrel - Enhance Your Planting Efficiency!

Are you tired of spending countless hours manually sowing seeds in your garden? Look no further than our innovative Manual Seed Drill with Single Barrel. Designed to revolutionize your planting process, this exceptional tool is a must-have for every gardening enthusiast.Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our Manual Seed Drill features a single barrel that allows for effortless seed distribution. Gone are the days of unevenly scattered seeds or wasted efforts. With this efficient tool, you can achieve consistent and accurate seed placement, ensuring optimal growth and maximizing your harvest.But that's not all! Our Manual Seed Drill is also ergonomically designed for your comfort. Its lightweight construction and user-friendly handle make it easy to maneuver, reducing strain on your hands and arms. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a more enjoyable gardening experience.Furthermore, this seed drill is equipped with adjustable settings, allowing you to customize the depth and spacing of your seeds. Whether you're planting vegetables, flowers, or herbs, this versatile tool ensures that each seed is placed at the perfect depth for optimal germination and growth.Not only does our Manual Seed Drill save you time and effort, but it also promotes sustainability. By precisely placing seeds, you can avoid overcrowding and reduce the need for thinning, ultimately minimizing waste and maximizing your garden's potential.Invest in the Manual Seed Drill with Single Barrel today and witness the transformation in your gardening routine. With its exceptional efficiency, ergonomic design, and customizable settings, this tool is a game-changer for both novice and experienced gardeners alike. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your planting efficiency and achieve bountiful harvests year after year.Order now and experience the joy of effortless and precise seed sowing with our Manual Seed Drill with Single Barrel. Your garden will thank you!


Automation Grade
Hole Seeding Rate
1-2 adjustable
Mouth Number
6/7/8/9/10/12 (adjustable)
Seed Box Capacity
4 kg
Seed Plate
12 Set
Seed Space
5/6/7/7.5/9/11 Inch (adjustable)
Seed Topography
Plain, mountainous land, hill, etc.
Seeding Depth
Suitable Seeds
Maize, bean, peanut, cotton, sunflower seed, etc.
12 kg (approx)
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