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Advance Quality Two Row Rice Transplanter

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An Advance Quality Two-Row Rice Transplanter is an agricultural machine designed to automate the process of transplanting rice seedlings into a paddy field. This type of rice transplanter is typically used in rice cultivation to save labor and time during the planting phase. Here are some key features and aspects of an advance quality two-row rice transplanter:

1. **Two-Row Planting:** As the name suggests, this transplanter is designed to plant two rows of rice seedlings simultaneously, increasing efficiency in large-scale rice cultivation.

2. **Efficient Planting:** It automates the process of planting rice seedlings, significantly reducing the need for manual labor and increasing the speed of planting.

3. **Adjustable Row Spacing:** Many models allow you to adjust the row spacing to accommodate different varieties of rice and field conditions.

4. **Seedling Trays:** The machine typically uses seedling trays or containers that hold the rice seedlings, making it easier to transfer them to the field.

5. **Operator Comfort:** Modern rice transplanters are designed with operator comfort in mind, featuring adjustable seating, handles, and controls.

6. **Depth Control:** They often have depth control mechanisms to ensure that the seedlings are planted at the correct depth in the soil.

7. **Uniform Planting:** These machines are known for their ability to plant rice seedlings at a consistent depth and spacing, which can improve crop uniformity and yield.

8. **Engine Power:** They are usually powered by gasoline or diesel engines to provide the necessary power for planting and other functions.

9. **Paddy Field Adaptability:** Advance quality rice transplanters are designed to work efficiently in different types of paddy fields, including wet and dry fields.

10. **Durability:** They are built to withstand the rigors of continuous field use, with sturdy construction and materials.

Using an advance quality two-row rice transplanter can significantly reduce the labor and time required for rice planting, especially in large agricultural operations. It contributes to higher efficiency, uniform planting, and potentially increased crop yields in rice cultivation.


Automation Grade
Country of Origin
Planting Frequency
Product Type
Rice Transplanter
Rocking-Turn Radius
210 mm
Row Space
250 mm
Shake Resistance
1.5 - 2 Kg
The Moving Resistance
1-2 Kg
Working Water Depth
10-20 mm
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