XLNT 9500E 7KVA Self Start Petrol Generator 7000 Watt

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Introducing the XLNT 9500E 7KVA Self Start Petrol Generator 7000 Watt - Unleash the Power You Need!
Are you tired of power outages disrupting your daily activities? Look no further than the XLNT 9500E 7KVA Self Start Petrol Generator 7000 Watt. This high-performance generator is designed to provide you with a reliable and uninterrupted power supply, ensuring that you never have to worry about being left in the dark again.

With its impressive 7KVA power output and 7000-watt capacity, this generator is capable of handling even the most demanding electrical appliances and equipment. Whether you need to power your home during an outage, run essential machinery at a job site, or enjoy a camping trip with all the comforts of home, the XLNT 9500E has got you covered.

One of the standout features of this generator is its self-start capability. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual starting and enjoy the convenience of effortless power generation. With just a push of a button, the XLNT 9500E springs to life, ready to provide you with the electricity you need.

Powered by petrol, this generator offers excellent fuel efficiency, ensuring that you get the most out of every drop. Its robust engine is designed to deliver optimal performance while minimizing noise and vibrations, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Safety is always a top priority, and the XLNT 9500E doesn't disappoint. Equipped with advanced safety features such as overload protection and low oil shutdown, this generator guarantees the protection of your appliances and the longevity of the machine itself.

Designed with convenience in mind, this generator is compact and portable, allowing you to take it wherever power is needed. Its sturdy construction and durable materials ensure that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use and harsh environments.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the XLNT 9500E also boasts a sleek and modern design that will complement any setting. Its user-friendly control panel provides easy access to all the necessary functions, allowing you to monitor and adjust the generator's performance effortlessly.

Don't let power outages or lack of electricity hinder your productivity or enjoyment. Invest in the XLNT 9500E 7KVA Self Start Petrol Generator 7000 Watt and experience the freedom and peace of mind that comes with having a reliable power source at your fingertips. Order yours today and take control of your power needs!


XLNT Generators
Costar Wheels
70 x 56 x 59 cm
Fuel Consumption
1 litre/hour
Fuel Tank Capacity
25 litre
Fuel Type
Noise Level
86 db (approx)
Starting Mode
Self Start
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