18inch Atta Chakki Stone Type Vertical TP Flour Mill 10hp

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An 18-inch Atta Chakki (flour mill) with a stone-type vertical grinding mechanism and a 10 HP (horsepower) motor is a robust and high-capacity milling machine used for grinding grains, primarily wheat, into fine flour. Here's a brief description of its features and functionality:

1. **Stone-Type Vertical Grinding Mechanism:** This Atta Chakki utilizes a vertical grinding mechanism with two large stone grinding wheels, typically made of high-quality natural stone. The stones grind grains against each other, preserving the flavor and nutrients of the grains while producing finely ground flour.

2. **18-Inch Size:** The 18-inch size refers to the diameter of the grinding stones. Larger stones can process a greater quantity of grains in a single batch, making it suitable for large households, commercial bakeries, and small-scale milling businesses.

3. **10 HP Motor:** The Atta Chakki is equipped with a powerful 10 HP motor, providing substantial power for efficient and continuous milling operations. This motor size is suitable for heavy-duty and high-capacity milling.

4. **Vertical Design:** The vertical orientation of the machine allows gravity to assist in the feeding of grains into the grinding mechanism, ensuring a smooth and consistent milling process.

5. **Flour Output:** The machine produces finely ground flour suitable for making various wheat-based products, including bread, chapati, and other culinary items.

6. **Adjustable Settings:** Depending on the specific model, this Atta Chakki may offer adjustable settings to control the fineness of the flour, allowing users to customize the texture of the flour to their preference.

7. **Durability:** These machines are typically built with durable materials, ensuring their longevity and resistance to wear and tear from heavy use.

8. **Commercial and Industrial Use:** With its 10 HP motor and high grinding capacity, this Atta Chakki is well-suited for commercial and industrial use, such as in large bakeries, milling facilities, and food processing units.

9. **Ease of Cleaning:** Some models may feature components that are easy to clean, and a removable grinding chamber for convenient maintenance.

10. **Safety Features:** Safety features like overload protection and emergency stop buttons may be included to ensure safe operation.

11. **Maintenance:** Regular maintenance, including lubricating the grinding stones and cleaning the machine, is essential to maintain its optimal performance.

An 18-inch Atta Chakki with a 10 HP motor is a powerful and efficient milling machine that can handle large-scale flour production. It is essential for businesses and operations where freshly ground flour is a key ingredient in various food products and recipes.

**Note: The wheel does not come with the machine.


Automation Grade
Bearing Size
6208 x 3 pcs
Product Type
Flour Mill
Production Capacity
120-135 kg/hr
Pulley Size
12" x 5" x 40 mm
Shaft Size
39" X 40
Stone Size
18" x 4.5" x 4.5" x 40 mm
290 kg (approx)
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