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Semi Automatic 3000 Capacity Wooden Egg Incubator

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Introducing our high-quality Semi Automatic 3000 Capacity Wooden Egg Incubator – the perfect solution for all your egg incubation needs. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this incubator is a must-have for poultry farmers and hobbyists alike.
With a spacious capacity of 3000 eggs, this wooden incubator provides ample room for your eggs to hatch and grow. The semi-automatic feature ensures a hassle-free incubation process, allowing you to focus on other important tasks while the incubator takes care of maintaining the optimal environment for your eggs.

Crafted from durable and eco-friendly wood, this incubator not only guarantees longevity but also adds a touch of elegance to your poultry farm or backyard. The wooden construction provides excellent insulation, ensuring a stable temperature and humidity level inside the incubator, which is crucial for successful egg hatching.

Equipped with advanced temperature and humidity control systems, this incubator allows you to easily monitor and adjust the conditions to create the ideal environment for your eggs. The digital display provides accurate readings, ensuring precise control over temperature and humidity levels, resulting in higher hatch rates.

The Semi Automatic 3000 Capacity Wooden Egg Incubator is designed with convenience in mind. The automatic egg turning feature ensures that all eggs receive equal heat distribution, promoting uniform development and reducing the risk of deformities. The removable trays make it effortless to clean and maintain the incubator, saving you valuable time and effort.

Not only does this incubator offer exceptional functionality, but it also prioritizes the safety of your eggs. The transparent viewing window allows you to monitor the hatching process without disturbing the eggs, minimizing stress and potential damage. The sturdy construction and secure locking mechanism ensure that your eggs are protected from external factors and predators.

Invest in the Semi Automatic 3000 Capacity Wooden Egg Incubator and experience the joy of successful egg hatching. Whether you are a professional poultry farmer or a passionate hobbyist, this incubator will exceed your expectations with its reliability, efficiency, and user-friendly features. Order now and take your egg incubation to the next level!


AC. Voltage
440 V
90 %
Product Type
Egg Incubator / Hatching
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