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Premium Quality 24 Inch Chainsaw Machine, 82 CC

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A Premium Quality 24 Inch Chainsaw Machine with an 82 CC engine is a high-performance and heavy-duty tool designed for cutting, felling, and processing large trees, timber, and other wood-related tasks. Chainsaws of this caliber are typically used in professional forestry, logging, and land-clearing applications. Here are the key features and benefits of a Premium Quality 24 Inch Chainsaw Machine with an 82 CC engine:

**Key Features:**

1. **24-Inch Bar Length:** The 24-inch guide bar (or bar length) provides an extended cutting reach, making it well-suited for tackling large-diameter trees and heavy-duty cutting tasks.

2. **82 CC Petrol Engine:** The 82 CC petrol engine is a high-displacement, two-stroke engine that delivers exceptional power and torque. This engine size allows the chainsaw to handle demanding cutting tasks efficiently.

3. **Professional-Grade Performance:** Chainsaws of this size and power are considered professional-grade equipment and are suitable for industrial and commercial use in forestry and logging operations.

4. **Versatile Cutting Capability:** These chainsaws are versatile and can perform a range of tasks, including felling, bucking, limbing, pruning, and cutting large logs into manageable pieces.

5. **Fast Cutting Speed:** The combination of a powerful engine and a long bar length results in a high cutting speed, enabling efficient and rapid wood processing.

6. **Easy Start System:** Many modern chainsaws feature an easy start system that reduces resistance on the starter cord, making it easier to start the engine.

7. **Chain Brake:** Safety is a priority, and these chainsaws are equipped with a chain brake that stops the chain from rotating in case of kickback or sudden movements, enhancing operator safety.

8. **Anti-Vibration System:** To reduce operator fatigue during prolonged use, these chainsaws incorporate anti-vibration systems.

9. **Chain Tensioning:** Some models feature tool-free chain tensioning systems for quick and easy adjustments in the field.

10. **Safety Features:** Additional safety features may include a throttle lockout, chain catcher, and hand guards to protect the operator during use.

11. **Automatic Oiling System:** Chainsaws have automatic oiling systems that lubricate the chain and bar to reduce friction and extend their lifespan.

12. **Air Filtration:** High-quality air filtration systems keep the engine clean and running efficiently, even in dusty or debris-filled environments.

13. **Fuel Efficiency:** Two-stroke engines are known for their fuel efficiency, providing a balance of power and runtime.

14. **Maintenance:** Regular maintenance, including chain sharpening, bar maintenance, and air filter cleaning, is essential to ensure safe and efficient chainsaw operation.

15. **Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):** Operators must wear appropriate PPE, including safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, and chainsaw chaps, when using a chainsaw.

Chainsaws with a 24-inch bar and an 82 CC engine are designed for heavy-duty and professional applications where cutting power and performance are critical. However, they require extensive experience and proper training to operate safely due to their significant power and the potential hazards associated with their use. Operators should follow strict safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for safe and effective chainsaw operation.


  • 24 Inches Guided Bar
  • Oil Mixing Can
  • 1 Chain
  • Tool Kit
  • Manual Book

Automation Grade
Country of Origin
Fuel Consumption
750 ml/hr
Oil (Mixing)
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