Petrol & Gas Operated Generator 5Kva

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Introducing the 5Kva Dual Fuel Generator, a versatile and robust power solution designed for both residential and commercial use. This generator offers the flexibility of running on either petrol or gas, ensuring continuous and reliable power supply during outages or in remote locations. With its advanced technology, user-friendly features, and durable construction, this generator is an essential addition to your backup power strategy.

Key Features

  • Dual Fuel Capability: Switch seamlessly between petrol and gas, offering flexibility and convenience in fuel choice.
  • High Power Output: Delivers a strong 5Kva power output, capable of running multiple appliances and tools simultaneously.
  • Durable Engine: Powered by a high-performance engine designed for efficiency, durability, and long service life.
  • Easy Start System: Features an easy start mechanism, including both electric and recoil start options, for quick and hassle-free operation.
  • Low Noise Operation: Engineered to operate quietly, ensuring minimal disturbance in residential areas.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): Ensures stable voltage output, protecting your sensitive electronics from power fluctuations.
  • Compact and Portable: Lightweight design with built-in wheels and handles for easy transportation and storage.


Engine Type
4-Stroke, Single Cylinder
Fuel Consumption
1.25 ltr/Hr
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Type
Petrol + LPG (Optional)
Oil Tank
1.2 L
Output Capacity
4800 Watt
Single Phase
12 HP
Product Type
Starting Mode
Recoil Start and Self Start
50 kg ( approx )
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