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Mild Steel Chapati Bhatti (16X36X12)

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A Mild Steel Chapati Bhatti with dimensions of 16 inches width, 36 inches length, and 12 inches height is a specialized cooking appliance designed for making chapatis (Indian flatbreads) or other flatbreads like naan or parathas. Here are some key features and considerations for a Chapati Bhatti of this size:

1. **Material:** The Chapati Bhatti is made of mild steel, which is a common material for such cooking appliances due to its durability and heat-conducting properties.

2. **Dimensions:** The dimensions provided (16x36x12) indicate the width, length, and height of the bhatti. These measurements can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer.

3. **Cooking Surface:** The cooking surface is typically flat and heated, allowing for the preparation of chapatis or other flatbreads. It may have a griddle or hot plate-like surface.

4. **Heat Source:** The bhatti is heated using a heat source such as gas burners, electric heating elements, or charcoal, depending on the design and model. Some traditional bhattis use an open flame for cooking.

5. **Temperature Control:** Modern chapati bhattis may have temperature controls to adjust the heat for precise cooking.

6. **Size and Capacity:** The size and capacity of the bhatti determine how many chapatis or flatbreads can be cooked simultaneously. A larger bhatti can produce more chapatis at once.

7. **Usage:** Chapati bhattis are commonly used in commercial kitchens, especially in restaurants, catering businesses, and foodservice establishments, to efficiently prepare large quantities of flatbreads.

8. **Efficiency:** They are designed for efficient and rapid cooking, making them suitable for high-demand settings.

9. **Maintenance:** Regular cleaning and maintenance are important to keep the bhatti in good working condition. Proper cleaning of the cooking surface is essential for hygiene.

10. **Safety:** Ensure that safety precautions are followed, especially when dealing with heat sources, to prevent accidents and burns.

11. **Ventilation:** Adequate ventilation is important when using gas-powered chapati bhattis to ensure proper air circulation and prevent the buildup of fumes.

When considering a chapati bhatti for your kitchen or foodservice establishment, it's important to choose a model that meets your production needs, space requirements, and fuel preferences (gas, electric, charcoal, etc.). Additionally, follow safety guidelines and manufacturer recommendations for operation and maintenance to ensure safe and efficient cooking.


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