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Manual Roller Type Push Mower 12 Inch

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A manual roller-type push mower, also known as a manual reel mower, is a simple and eco-friendly lawn maintenance tool used for cutting grass. The "12 inch" specification likely refers to the cutting width of the mower, which means that the mower blade is 12 inches wide. Here's some information about this type of mower:

1. **Manual Operation:** Manual push mowers do not have an engine or motor. They rely on the user's physical effort to push them across the lawn. The user's movement powers the spinning blades, which cut the grass.

2. **Reel Blades:** These mowers have a set of rotating cylindrical blades, known as a reel, that cut the grass. The cutting action is often quieter and more precise compared to gas or electric mowers.

3. **Environmentally Friendly:** Manual push mowers are environmentally friendly because they do not produce emissions, require fuel, or use electricity. They are an excellent choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

4. **Low Maintenance:** These mowers are relatively low-maintenance compared to gas or electric mowers. You'll need to keep the blades sharp and occasionally lubricate the moving parts.

5. **Suitable for Small Lawns:** Manual push mowers are best suited for small to medium-sized lawns. If your lawn is too large, using one can be quite physically demanding.

6. **Adjustable Cutting Height:** Many manual push mowers allow you to adjust the cutting height to your desired level, giving you control over the length of your grass.

7. **Exercise Benefits:** Using a manual push mower can be a good workout, as it requires physical effort to push and maneuver across the lawn.

When using a manual roller-type push mower, it's essential to maintain a consistent pace to ensure an even cut. Additionally, you may need to make multiple passes over the same area if the grass is long or dense.

Before purchasing a specific model, you should consider the size of your lawn, the type of grass you have, and your willingness to put in the physical effort required for manual mowing. A 12-inch cutting width is suitable for smaller lawns or for maintaining tight areas where a larger mower might not fit.


Automation Grade
Blade Width
300 mm
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Product Type
Lawn Mower
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