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Kiston Wheel Type Brush Cutter With GX35 Engine, 4 Stroke

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Introducing the Kiston Wheel Type Brush Cutter with GX35 Engine, a powerful and efficient tool designed to tackle even the toughest brush and weed clearing tasks. This brush cutter is equipped with a reliable GX35 4-stroke engine, ensuring superior performance and durability.
With its wheel type design, this brush cutter offers excellent maneuverability and stability, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through various terrains. Whether you need to clear overgrown grass, thick weeds, or dense brush, the Kiston Wheel Type Brush Cutter is up for the challenge.

The GX35 engine boasts a 4-stroke technology, eliminating the need for mixing oil and fuel. This not only simplifies the maintenance process but also reduces emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, the 4-stroke engine provides smooth and consistent power delivery, ensuring efficient cutting performance.

Equipped with a high-quality cutting blade, this brush cutter effortlessly slices through vegetation, delivering precise and clean cuts. The adjustable cutting height allows you to customize the cutting depth according to your specific needs, ensuring optimal results every time.

Designed with user comfort in mind, the Kiston Wheel Type Brush Cutter features an ergonomic handle and a shoulder strap, reducing fatigue and providing enhanced control during operation. The lightweight construction further adds to the ease of use, allowing for extended periods of work without strain.

In addition to its exceptional performance, this brush cutter is built to last. The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting durability, making it a reliable companion for all your brush cutting needs.

Upgrade your brush cutting experience with the Kiston Wheel Type Brush Cutter with GX35 Engine, 4 Stroke. Conquer any overgrown area with ease, thanks to its powerful engine, maneuverable design, and precise cutting capabilities. Invest in this top-notch brush cutter and enjoy efficient and effortless brush clearing like never before.


Automation Grade
Fuel Consumption
650 ml/hr
Product Type
Brush Cutter
Shaft Size
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