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Husqvarna 131RB Petrol Backpack Brush Cutter, 32.6 CC

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The Husqvarna 131RB Petrol Backpack Brush Cutter, powered by a 32.6 CC engine, is a versatile and convenient tool designed for cutting and clearing tough vegetation in various outdoor settings. Here's a brief description:

The Husqvarna 131RB Petrol Backpack Brush Cutter is a professional-grade outdoor power tool known for its portability and efficiency in handling heavy-duty tasks like trimming tall grass, weeds, brushwood, and small trees. It is widely used in landscaping, agriculture, forestry, and other outdoor maintenance applications.

Key features of the Husqvarna 131RB typically include:

1. **Powerful 32.6 CC Engine:** This brush cutter is equipped with a high-performance 32.6 CC petrol engine that provides substantial power for cutting through dense vegetation efficiently.

2. **Backpack Design:** The unique backpack-style design allows the operator to carry the weight of the tool on their back, reducing strain and fatigue during extended use.

3. **Straight Shaft Design:** The straight shaft design ensures better reach and access to tight or hard-to-reach areas, making it suitable for both open fields and challenging terrain.

4. **Durable Cutting Head:** It usually comes with a robust cutting head that can accommodate various cutting attachments, such as nylon trimmer lines or brush cutter blades, for versatile cutting options.

5. **Efficient Air Filtration:** The air filtration system is designed to minimize dust and debris intake, helping to prolong the engine's lifespan and maintain performance.

6. **Comfortable Harness and Controls:** The brush cutter is designed with ergonomic harnesses and controls for ease of use and reduced operator fatigue during long hours of operation.

7. **Safety Features:** It typically includes safety features like a throttle lockout, which prevents accidental throttle engagement, enhancing operator safety.

8. **Low Vibration Levels:** Anti-vibration features help reduce operator fatigue and provide better control during operation.

9. **Easy Maintenance:** Maintenance-friendly design ensures that routine tasks like changing the cutting attachments or cleaning the air filter can be done quickly and easily.

The Husqvarna 131RB Petrol Backpack Brush Cutter is a reliable and versatile tool for professionals and homeowners who need to manage overgrown vegetation and maintain outdoor spaces. Its powerful engine, durable construction, ergonomic design, and backpack-style convenience make it a valuable asset for clearing and landscaping tasks, whether in gardens, parks, or agricultural fields.


Automation Grade
Country of Origin
186x66.5x41 cm
Fuel Consumption
550 g/kWh
Model No
Product Type
Brush Cutter
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