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Gorek GT-O1T Mini Oil Press Machine

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Introducing the Gorek GT-O1T Mini Oil Press Machine – a compact powerhouse designed to empower your culinary exploration with the simplicity of homemade oil extraction. With its innovative features and user-friendly design, this mini marvel is perfect for home kitchens, delivering pure and natural oils effortlessly.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Efficiency: The Gorek GT-O1T combines compact design with efficient performance, making it an ideal addition to any kitchen. This mini oil press machine is perfect for those who appreciate quality without sacrificing valuable counter space.
  2. Versatile Seed Mastery: From sunflower seeds to sesame, flaxseed, and more, the GT-O1T is crafted to handle a diverse range of seeds. Experience the freedom to experiment and create a variety of oils tailored to your culinary preferences.
  3. Efficient 400W Motor: Equipped with a robust 400W motor, the GT-O1T ensures efficient oil extraction, delivering high yields with consistent performance. Revel in the satisfaction of creating your own oils with a machine designed for reliability.
  4. User-Friendly Operation: The intuitive design of the GT-O1T makes oil extraction a breeze for users of all skill levels. Simply load your seeds, engage the machine, and watch as it efficiently extracts the oil, leaving you with a pure and flavorful end product.
  5. Compact and Portable: The mini design of the GT-O1T makes it not only efficient but also portable. Take it with you wherever you go and enjoy the benefits of homemade oils on demand, whether in your kitchen or beyond.
  6. Healthier Living: By producing your own oils at home, you gain control over the entire process, ensuring that your oils are free from additives and preservatives. Enjoy a healthier and more wholesome cooking experience with the GT-O1T.

Elevate your culinary creations with the Gorek GT-O1T Mini Oil Press Machine – a reliable and efficient tool for creating your own natural oils. Order now and embark on a journey of flavor and nutrition that only homemade oils can provide.


Automation Grade
Digital Temperature Controller
36 x 16 x 28
Model No
Output Capacity
3-6 Kg/Hr (According to the materials)
Product Type
Oil Press Machine
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