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Electric Lawn Mower 3 HP 24 Inches

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An electric lawn mower with a 3 HP (horsepower) motor and a 24-inch cutting width is a robust and high-powered lawn care tool designed for larger lawns and more demanding grass-cutting tasks. Here's a brief description of its features:

1. **Electric-Powered:** This lawn mower operates using electricity, which offers quieter and more environmentally friendly operation compared to gas-powered mowers.

2. **3 HP Motor:** The 3 HP motor provides substantial cutting power, making it well-suited for larger lawns and challenging grass conditions. It can handle thicker and taller grass with ease.

3. **24-Inch Cutting Width:** With a generous 24-inch cutting width, this mower covers a wide path in a single pass. This feature is particularly useful for large lawns, reducing the time and effort required for mowing.

4. **Adjustable Cutting Height:** Most electric lawn mowers, including this one, offer adjustable cutting height settings, allowing you to customize the grass length to your desired level.

5. **Quiet and Low Maintenance:** Electric mowers are known for their quiet operation and require less maintenance compared to gas-powered mowers. You'll mainly need to maintain the sharpness of the blades and manage the power cord (if corded).

6. **Environmentally Friendly:** Since it doesn't produce exhaust emissions, an electric lawn mower is an eco-friendly choice for lawn maintenance.

This electric lawn mower with 3 HP and a 24-inch cutting width is an excellent choice for homeowners with larger lawns who require a powerful and efficient tool for grass cutting. It can handle a variety of grass types and conditions while providing the benefits of electric operation.


Automation Grade
Manual Cum Electric
Blade Width
600 mm
Country of Origin
Product Type
Lawn Mower
Production Capacity
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