Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill, 3 HP

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Introducing the Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill, 3 HP - The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Rice Processing

Are you tired of spending hours manually removing stones and impurities from your rice grains? Look no further than our Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill, equipped with a powerful 3 HP motor, designed to streamline your rice processing operations and deliver superior quality rice.

With its advanced destoning technology, this mini rice mill effectively separates stones, dirt, and other impurities from the rice grains, ensuring a clean and pure end product. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual destoning and hello to a more efficient and productive rice milling process.Our Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill is meticulously engineered to provide exceptional performance and durability. The 3 HP motor delivers optimal power, allowing for high-speed milling and destoning, saving you valuable time and effort. Its compact design makes it perfect for small-scale rice mills or home use, without compromising on functionality.Not only does this mini rice mill offer exceptional destoning capabilities, but it also guarantees consistent grain size and texture. The precision milling mechanism ensures uniformity in every batch, resulting in perfectly polished rice grains that are ready for cooking or packaging.Safety is our top priority, which is why this Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill is equipped with advanced safety features. The robust construction and reliable components ensure stable operation, minimizing the risk of accidents or breakdowns. Additionally, the user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and maintenance, making it suitable for both experienced operators and beginners.Investing in our Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill means investing in efficiency, productivity, and quality. Whether you are a small-scale rice mill owner or a rice enthusiast looking to process rice at home, this mini rice mill is the ideal choice. Experience the convenience and reliability of automated destoning and milling, and elevate your rice processing to new heights.Don't settle for subpar rice quality or labor-intensive destoning methods. Upgrade to the Destoner Type Mini Rice Mill, 3 HP, and revolutionize your rice processing operations today. Order now and enjoy the benefits of a more efficient, productive, and profitable rice milling experience.


Automation Grade
Power Consumption
Product Type
Rice Mill
Production Capacity
150 Kg/Hr
110 kg (approx)
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