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Commercial Wet Grinder Aluminium Open Type, 2 HP

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A commercial wet grinder with an aluminum open-type design and a 2 HP motor is a heavy-duty kitchen appliance used primarily in commercial settings such as restaurants, hotels, catering businesses, and other food service establishments. Here's a brief description of its features and functionality:

1. **Aluminum Open-Type Design:** The wet grinder features an open-type design constructed primarily from aluminum. This design allows for easy access to the grinding area, making it convenient for loading and unloading ingredients.

2. **2 HP Motor:** Equipped with a powerful 2 horsepower (HP) motor, this commercial wet grinder provides the necessary torque and speed for efficient and high-volume wet grinding tasks. It can handle substantial quantities of ingredients with ease.

3. **Wet Grinding:** The primary purpose of this appliance is for wet grinding, making it suitable for preparing batters for South Indian dishes like dosa, idli, and vada. It can also grind soaked rice, lentils, and various grains.

4. **Large Capacity:** Commercial wet grinders are known for their generous capacity, allowing for the processing of significant quantities of ingredients in a single batch. This is particularly important in busy commercial kitchens.

5. **Conical Stones:** Many commercial wet grinders feature conical grinding stones that ensure consistent and uniform grinding. These stones are known for their durability and ability to retain the natural flavors of the ingredients.

6. **Ease of Cleaning:** The aluminum open-type design simplifies the cleaning process, making it easy to maintain a hygienic food preparation environment. After use, the grinder can be quickly wiped down for cleanliness.

7. **Commercial Use:** Commercial wet grinders are designed to withstand the demanding requirements of continuous usage in commercial kitchens. They are engineered for durability and long-lasting performance.

8. **Safety Features:** Some models may incorporate safety features such as overload protection to safeguard the motor from damage and ensure user safety.

9. **Versatility:** While primarily intended for wet grinding tasks, some models may offer additional attachments or functionalities for tasks such as dough kneading or grinding other ingredients.

Commercial wet grinders with an aluminum open-type design and a 2 HP motor are valued for their performance and durability in commercial kitchens. They excel in efficiently and consistently processing wet ingredients, making them indispensable for high-volume food preparation in busy food service establishments.


Automation Grade
Blade Material
Stainless Steel
70 to 80 Kg/Hr
Country of Origin
Product Type
Wet Grinder
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