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Commercial Tea or Coffee Thermos 20 Liter

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Commercial Tea or Coffee Thermos, 20-liter capacity  beverage container is tailor-made to meet the demands of bustling cafes, high-volume restaurants, and large-scale events, making it the ultimate solution for serving piping hot coffee and tea to a substantial crowd with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Unprecedented Capacity: With an immense 20-liter (676 fluid ounces) capacity, our thermos offers an unmatched reservoir for your hot beverages, significantly reducing the need for frequent refills and ensuring seamless service.
  2. Superior Temperature Retention: Crafted with precision, this thermos features state-of-the-art double-wall insulation, assuring that your coffee and tea remain at the perfect serving temperature for extended periods, ensuring your customers' satisfaction.
  3. Built for Durability: Designed to thrive in the commercial environment, our thermos is constructed from premium stainless steel that resists corrosion and stands up to the rigors of a bustling restaurant or event setting.
  4. Effortless Dispensing: Equipped with a user-friendly spigot, pouring is smooth and controlled, while robust handles make transporting the thermos a straightforward task, even when it's filled to capacity.
  5. Elegant Presentation: Its polished exterior design adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, making it suitable for both front-of-house and back-of-house use, enhancing the overall presentation of your beverage service.
  6. Versatile Utility: This versatile thermos isn't limited to coffee and tea; it can also accommodate other hot beverages such as hot water for tea, mulled wine, or decadent hot chocolate, making it an adaptable and essential addition to your beverage service repertoire.


20 Liter
‎‎30 x 30 x 43 Cm
Product Type
Tea and Coffee Thermos
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