2 HP HTP Pump with Motor

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Introducing the HP HTP Pump with Motor - The Ultimate Solution for Efficient Water Circulation

Are you tired of dealing with inadequate water circulation in your pool or spa? Look no further than the HP HTP Pump with Motor, a high-performance and reliable solution designed to optimize water flow and enhance your aquatic experience.
Engineered with precision and built to last, this pump is equipped with a powerful motor that ensures efficient water circulation, keeping your pool or spa crystal clear and inviting. With its advanced technology, the HP HTP Pump guarantees optimal performance, even in the most demanding environments.
One of the standout features of this pump is its exceptional energy efficiency. Designed to minimize power consumption, it not only saves you money on electricity bills but also reduces your carbon footprint. Say goodbye to wasteful energy consumption and hello to a more eco-friendly solution.
The HP HTP Pump with Motor is also incredibly user-friendly. Its intuitive control panel allows for easy operation and customization, ensuring that you can effortlessly adjust the water flow to meet your specific needs. Additionally, its compact and sleek design makes installation a breeze, saving you time and effort.
Durability is a key aspect of this pump's design. Crafted from high-quality materials, it is built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. Rest assured that this pump will serve you faithfully for years to come, providing you with peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance.
In summary, the HP HTP Pump with Motor is the ultimate solution for efficient water circulation in your pool or spa. With its powerful motor, energy efficiency, user-friendly controls, and durable construction, it is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a reliable and high-performance pump. Upgrade your aquatic experience today and enjoy the benefits of crystal clear water with the HP HTP Pump with Motor.


AC. Voltage
Automation Grade
Cock Type
2 Pc
Delivery Hose
2 mtr
No. of Piston
Output Pressure
22 Liter Per Minute
Product Type
HTP Pump
Pump Oil
700ml (20w40 Grade)
Suction Hose
2 mtr
20 kg (approx)
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