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Automatic 200 Capacity Metal Body Incubator

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An automatic 200-capacity metal body incubator is a specialized device designed for hatching a substantial number of eggs, typically poultry or avian eggs, in a controlled and durable metal housing. Here's a brief description of its features and functionality:

1. **Capacity:** This incubator is designed to hold and incubate up to 200 eggs at a time, making it suitable for medium-scale to larger-scale egg hatching operations.

2. **Automatic Operation:** The term "automatic" implies that the incubator is equipped with automated features to control and maintain the necessary temperature, humidity, and egg turning throughout the incubation process. Automation reduces the need for constant manual intervention.

3. **Metal Construction:** The incubator's body is constructed from metal, providing durability and insulation. Metal housing helps maintain temperature stability within the incubator and ensures long-lasting performance.

4. **Temperature Control:** The incubator is equipped with a thermostat or digital temperature control system that allows users to set and maintain the precise temperature required for successful egg incubation. This ensures a stable and consistent environment for the developing embryos.

5. **Humidity Control:** Proper humidity levels are crucial for egg incubation. Automatic incubators often have a water reservoir or humidification system to regulate and adjust humidity levels automatically.

6. **Automatic Egg Turning:** Eggs need to be turned regularly during the incubation process to prevent the embryo from sticking to the eggshell. Automatic incubators feature mechanisms that gently turn the eggs at specified intervals, reducing the need for manual egg turning.

7. **Ventilation:** Adequate ventilation is essential to ensure the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the incubator. Automatic incubators typically include a ventilation system to maintain air quality.

8. **Viewing Window:** Many incubators have a viewing window or port that allows users to monitor the hatching process without opening the incubator, minimizing disturbances to the eggs.

9. **Energy Source:** The incubator is typically powered by electricity, requiring a reliable power source for continuous operation.

10. **Cabinet Design:** The incubator is often designed in a cabinet-style, with shelves or trays for egg placement. This design maximizes egg capacity while providing an organized and secure environment for hatching.

An automatic 200-capacity metal body incubator is a practical choice for poultry farmers and breeders with medium-scale egg hatching needs. Its automatic features, durable metal construction, and precise control over incubation conditions ensure a higher likelihood of successful hatching and the development of healthy chicks or birds.


AC. Voltage
220 V
Country of Origin
90 % to 95 %
300 Watt
Product Type
Egg Incubator / Hatching
35kg (approx)
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