Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine with Sensor

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Introducing the Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine with Sensor - The Ultimate Packaging Solution

Are you in search of a reliable and efficient packaging machine that can handle a wide range of products? Look no further than our Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine with Sensor. This cutting-edge machine is designed to streamline your packaging process, ensuring maximum productivity and superior quality.

With its advanced sensor technology, this FFS (Form Fill Seal) machine guarantees precise and accurate packaging every time. Whether you need to package 2 grams or 100 grams of your product, this machine can handle it all with ease. Say goodbye to manual weighing and measuring – our FFS machine takes care of it for you, saving you valuable time and effort.

One of the standout features of our Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine is its side sealing capability. This ensures that your products are securely sealed, preventing any leakage or contamination. Rest assured that your goods will remain fresh and intact throughout the entire packaging process.

Not only does this machine offer exceptional functionality, but it is also designed with user convenience in mind. Its user-friendly interface allows for easy operation and quick adjustments, ensuring a seamless packaging experience. Additionally, its compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for any production environment.

When it comes to efficiency, our FFS machine is second to none. Its high-speed packaging capabilities enable you to meet demanding production targets without compromising on quality. This means you can increase your output and satisfy customer demands, ultimately boosting your business's profitability.

Furthermore, our Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine is built to last. Crafted from durable materials and engineered with precision, this machine is designed for long-term use and minimal maintenance. You can rely on its robust construction to withstand the rigors of daily production, ensuring uninterrupted packaging operations.

In conclusion, if you're seeking a packaging solution that combines efficiency, accuracy, and durability, the Automatic 2-100 GM Side Seal FFS Machine with Sensor is the perfect choice. Experience seamless packaging, increased productivity, and superior quality with this state-of-the-art machine. Invest in the future of your business today and revolutionize your packaging process.


Automation Grade
16.5x9.5x10 inch
50/60 Hz
3 HP
Motor RPM
Packing Size
Packing type
sealing packaging
Power Source
Product Type
Induction Motor
Rated power
3 HP (2.2 kW)
220 V
55 KG
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