22 Inch Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw, 52 CC

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Introducing our top-of-the-line 22 Inch Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw, powered by a robust 52 CC engine. This high-performance chainsaw is designed to tackle even the toughest cutting tasks with ease, making it an essential tool for professional loggers, arborists, and homeowners alike.

Equipped with a powerful petrol engine, this chainsaw delivers exceptional cutting power and efficiency. Its 22-inch bar length allows for a wide cutting capacity, enabling you to effortlessly handle large logs and branches. Whether you're felling trees, pruning limbs, or cutting firewood, this chainsaw is up to the challenge.

Designed with durability in mind, our Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw features a sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of heavy use. The high-quality materials used in its manufacturing ensure long-lasting performance, making it a reliable companion for years to come.

Safety is paramount when operating a chainsaw, and we've taken every precaution to ensure your well-being. This chainsaw is equipped with a chain brake system that instantly stops the chain in case of kickback or other emergencies, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, the ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable grip, reducing fatigue during extended use.

We understand the importance of easy maintenance, which is why our Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw is designed for hassle-free upkeep. The tool-less chain tensioning system allows for quick adjustments on the go, ensuring optimal cutting performance at all times. The easy-access air filter and fuel tank make refueling and maintenance a breeze, saving you valuable time and effort.

In addition to its exceptional performance, this chainsaw is also environmentally friendly. The efficient engine design reduces emissions, making it compliant with the latest environmental regulations. You can confidently use this chainsaw knowing that you're minimizing your carbon footprint.

Invest in the 22 Inch Heavy Duty Petrol Chainsaw, 52 CC, and experience the power, durability, and reliability that professionals demand. Whether you're a seasoned logger or a homeowner looking to tackle outdoor projects, this chainsaw is the perfect companion. Order yours today and take your cutting tasks to the next level.


Automation Grade
52 CC
Engine Oil Capacity
Engine Type
Single Cylinder 2 Stroke
Fuel Consumption
0.75 - 1 Liter/Hour
Fuel Tank Capacity
550 ML
Fuel Type
Guide Bar Length
22" Inches
Loading speed
3000 RPM
Product Type
Rated power
4 kg (approx)
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