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20 Inch Electric Lawn Mower , 3 HP

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A 20-inch electric lawn mower with a 3 HP (horsepower) motor is a powerful and efficient lawn care tool designed for various lawn sizes and more demanding grass-cutting tasks. Here's a brief description of its features:

1. **Electric-Powered:** This lawn mower operates using electricity, providing quieter and more environmentally friendly operation compared to gas-powered mowers.

2. **3 HP Motor:** The 3 HP motor delivers substantial cutting power, making it suitable for various grass types and conditions. It can efficiently handle thicker or taller grass.

3. **20-Inch Cutting Width:** With a 20-inch cutting width, this mower covers a moderately wide path in a single pass. It's suitable for medium to large lawns, reducing the time and effort needed for mowing.

4. **Adjustable Cutting Height:** Most electric lawn mowers, including this one, offer adjustable cutting height settings. This allows you to customize the grass length according to your preferences.

5. **Quiet and Low Maintenance:** Electric mowers are known for their quiet operation and require less maintenance compared to gas-powered mowers. Keeping the blades sharp and managing the power cord (if corded) are the primary maintenance tasks.

6. **Environmentally Friendly:** Electric lawn mowers are environmentally friendly because they produce no exhaust emissions.

This 20-inch electric lawn mower with a 3 HP motor is an excellent choice for homeowners with medium to large lawns who seek a powerful and efficient tool for grass cutting. It can handle various grass types and conditions while offering the benefits of quiet and eco-friendly electric operation.


Blade Width
500 mm
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