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1 HP Automatic SS Garlic Peeler Machine

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The 1 HP Automatic Stainless Steel (SS) Garlic Peeler Machine is a specialized kitchen appliance designed to streamline the process of peeling garlic cloves. Here are some key features and benefits of this machine:

1. **1 HP Motor:** The powerful 1 horsepower motor provides the necessary force to efficiently peel garlic cloves, saving time and effort compared to manual peeling.

2. **Automatic Operation:** This machine typically offers automatic peeling, where garlic cloves are loaded into the machine, and the peeling process is initiated with minimal manual intervention.

3. **Stainless Steel Construction:** The use of stainless steel in the machine's construction ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning, maintaining hygiene in the kitchen.

4. **High Capacity:** Depending on the specific model, this machine can handle a significant quantity of garlic cloves, making it suitable for commercial kitchens or food processing facilities.

5. **Uniform Peeling:** It consistently peels garlic cloves with precision, resulting in uniformly peeled cloves without damage or wastage.

6. **Time and Labor Savings:** Using an automatic garlic peeler significantly reduces the time and labor required for manual peeling, improving overall kitchen efficiency.

7. **Low Maintenance:** Many models are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance, allowing for hassle-free operation and long-term use.

8. **Versatility:** Some machines may be adaptable to peel other small, similar-sized items, such as shallots or small onions.

In summary, the 1 HP Automatic Stainless Steel Garlic Peeler Machine is a valuable addition to commercial kitchens and food processing facilities. Its powerful motor, automatic operation, high capacity, and stainless steel construction make it a practical and efficient tool for streamlining the garlic peeling process, ultimately saving time and labor in food preparation.


Automation Grade
Country of Origin
Output Capacity
14-18 Kg/hr
Product Type
Garlic Peeler
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