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Ridger cum Reversible Plough for 7 & 9 HP Power Tiller

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The Ridger cum Reversible Plough for 7 & 9 HP Power Tiller - Unleash the Power of Versatility in Your Farming!

Are you ready to take your farming operations to the next level? Our Ridger cum Reversible Plough is the game-changer you've been waiting for. Designed to seamlessly attach to your 7 or 9 HP Power Tiller, this versatile implement offers the flexibility and efficiency you need to maximize your land's potential.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Farming: With the Ridger cum Reversible Plough, you can effortlessly perform two essential tasks in one. Prepare your fields for planting and ridge your crops for improved water drainage, all with a single implement.
  2. Built for Power: This plough is engineered to harness the full power of your 7 or 9 HP Power Tiller. It effortlessly cuts through tough soil, ensuring efficient and consistent results with every pass.
  3. Adjustable Depth: Easily customize the plough's depth to suit your specific farming needs. Whether you're working on shallow cultivation or deep furrows, this implement adapts to your requirements.
  4. Sturdy Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, this ridger cum plough is built to withstand the rigors of the field. It's durable, reliable, and engineered for long-lasting performance, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
  5. Efficient Operation: Say goodbye to manual labor-intensive tasks. This implement simplifies your farming operations, saving you time and effort, and allowing you to cover more ground efficiently.
  6. Easy Attachment: The ridger cum plough easily attaches to your 7 or 9 HP Power Tiller, minimizing downtime and making it a convenient addition to your farming equipment.
  7. Improved Crop Yield: By creating well-defined ridges and furrows, you optimize water distribution and root growth, leading to healthier crops and improved yields.
  8. Cost-Effective Farming: Invest in this versatile implement to reduce the need for multiple pieces of equipment. It's a cost-effective solution that enhances your farming capabilities.

Unlock the potential of your land and streamline your farming operations with the Ridger cum Reversible Plough for 7 & 9 HP Power Tiller. It's time to experience the convenience, efficiency, and versatility that this implement brings to your farm. Elevate your farming game today!

  • Ridger Cum Reversible Plough
  • Plowing Width ~ 205 mm
  • Durable & heavy duty product
  • Attachment suitable for use with 7 & 9 HP Power Tiller 
  • Application : To plow Paddy Fields, Greenhouse and Terraced Fields
  • Origin : PRC


Body Material
Cultivator Type
Diesel & Petrol
Digging Depth



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