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Heavy Duty 16 liters Thermal Fogging Machine with 12 V Battery

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A Heavy Duty 16-liter Thermal Fogging Machine with a 12V battery is a specialized device used for pest control, disinfection, and vector control in various settings, including agriculture, public health, and industrial applications. This type of thermal fogging machine is designed for heavy-duty and large-scale fogging operations. Here are the key features and benefits of a Heavy Duty 16-liter Thermal Fogging Machine with a 12V battery:

**Key Features:**

1. **16-Liter Tank Capacity:** The machine is equipped with a large chemical solution tank with a 16-liter capacity, allowing for extended fogging operations without frequent refills.

2. **Thermal Fogging Technology:** Thermal fogging machines use heat to vaporize a liquid insecticide or disinfectant solution, creating a fine fog or mist that effectively penetrates and treats the target area. This technology ensures efficient dispersion and coverage.

3. **12V Battery:** The inclusion of a 12V battery provides the machine with a power source for ignition and operation. This feature offers mobility and independence from electrical outlets, making it suitable for outdoor and remote applications.

4. **Heavy-Duty Construction:** These machines are built with robust and durable materials to withstand rugged conditions and heavy use in various environments.

5. **High Fog Output:** Heavy-duty thermal foggers are capable of producing a high fog output, covering large areas quickly and effectively.

6. **Variable Fogging Rate:** Users can typically adjust the fogging rate to control the density of the fog, allowing for customization based on the specific application and treatment requirements.

7. **Effective Pest and Vector Control:** Thermal fogging is highly effective for pest control and vector control, as the fine mist can reach difficult-to-access areas where insects and disease vectors may hide.

8. **Disinfection and Sanitization:** These machines are also used for disinfection and sanitization purposes, including the control of disease vectors and the application of sanitizing agents in public spaces, agricultural fields, and healthcare settings.

9. **Easy Operation:** Thermal fogging machines are generally designed for ease of use, with user-friendly controls for ignition, fogging rate adjustment, and safety features.

10. **Versatile Applications:** In addition to pest control and disinfection, heavy-duty thermal fogging machines can be used for odor control, mold remediation, and firefighting applications.

11. **Long Run Time:** The 12V battery provides extended run time, allowing for prolonged fogging operations without frequent recharging.

12. **Safety Features:** These machines often include safety features such as ignition interlocks and fuel cutoffs to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

13. **Maintenance:** Regular maintenance, including cleaning and maintenance of the ignition system and nozzle, is essential for the reliable performance of the thermal fogging machine.

It's important to note that the specific features and capabilities of a particular heavy-duty thermal fogging machine may vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Users should always refer to the product's manual and follow safety guidelines when operating thermal fogging equipment. Additionally, the choice of chemical solutions used with the machine should be carefully considered to ensure effective pest control or disinfection.


Automation Grade
Country of Origin
960 x 260 x 315 mm
Fuel Consumption
650 ml/hr
Ignition Power
12 V Rechargeable Battery
Product Type
Fogging Machine
Spraying Amount
80-120 Litre/hr
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