Electric Lawn Mower 3 HP 24 Inches

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Introducing the Electric Lawn Mower 3 HP 24 Inches: The Ultimate Green Solution for Your Lawn Care NeedsMaintain a pristine and well-manicured lawn effortlessly with our Electric Lawn Mower 3 HP 24 Inches.

 This eco-friendly and efficient lawn mower is designed to provide you with a seamless mowing experience while minimizing your carbon footprint.Powered by a robust 3 HP electric motor, this lawn mower delivers exceptional performance, ensuring a clean and precise cut every time. With its 24-inch cutting width, you can cover a larger area in less time, making it ideal for medium to large-sized lawns.One of the standout features of our Electric Lawn Mower is its cordless design, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords and providing you with unrestricted movement. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional gas-powered mowers and enjoy the freedom to maneuver effortlessly around your yard.Equipped with advanced cutting technology, this mower offers adjustable cutting heights, allowing you to customize the length of your grass according to your preferences. Whether you prefer a shorter, golf-course-like lawn or a slightly longer, lush look, our Electric Lawn Mower has got you covered.Not only does this mower provide exceptional performance, but it also prioritizes your safety. The ergonomic handle ensures a comfortable grip, reducing strain on your hands and arms during extended mowing sessions. Additionally, the built-in safety features, such as the blade brake system, guarantee instant stopping power when needed.In addition to its impressive functionality, our Electric Lawn Mower is also environmentally friendly. By opting for an electric mower, you contribute to reducing air and noise pollution, making it a responsible choice for both your lawn and the planet.Maintenance is a breeze with this electric mower. With no gas or oil to worry about, you can say goodbye to messy refueling and time-consuming maintenance tasks. Simply plug it in, press the start button, and you're ready to go!Invest in the Electric Lawn Mower 3 HP 24 Inches today and experience the perfect balance of power, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. Transform your lawn care routine into a seamless and enjoyable experience while doing your part for a greener tomorrow.


Automation Grade
Manual Cum Electric
Blade Width
600 mm
Cutting Height
10 MM TO 90MM
Cutting Width
Product Type
Lawn Mower
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