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Earth Drill Bit, 12x32 Inch
Save 91%
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39,83699 3,50000
You save: 36,336.99
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4,56700 1,66000
You save: 2,907.00
3L Wet Grinder Machine
Save 57%
In stock
46,52300 19,80000
You save: 26,723.00
Xtra Power Compact Pressure Washer XP-PW-40W
Save 57%
In stock
17,87600 7,71000
You save: 10,166.00
In stock
20,00000 8,86400
You save: 11,136.00
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Automatic Rice Transplanter with 4 Stroke 4 Rows
Save 3%
In stock
127,30000 124,00000
You save: 3,300.00
Btali BT-1400 HPW Pressure Washer
Save 18%
In stock
23,70000 19,54000
You save: 4,160.00
Shakti High Pressure washer 2.5 HP 150 Bar
Save 13%
In stock
22,67000 19,75000
You save: 2,920.00
Husqvarna PW 480 Pressure Washer 180 bar
Save 11%
In stock
38,99900 34,78900
You save: 4,210.00
Husqvarna PW 350 Pressure Washer 150 bar
Save 19%
In stock
34,90000 28,25000
You save: 6,650.00
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Heavy Duty 2KV Recoil Start Portable Generator
Save 18%
In stock
35,00000 28,65000
You save: 6,350.00
Portable 3KVA Generator with Battery & Self Start 3000W
Save 16%
In stock
45,00000 37,99000
You save: 7,010.00
XLNT 10KVA 13000E Self Start Petrol Generator 10000 Watt
Save 18%
In stock
120,00000 97,99900
You save: 22,001.00
XLNT 3 KVA Self Start Portable Generator
Save 21%
In stock
48,00000 38,00000
You save: 10,000.00
Alpha 3KVA A3600 Portable Petrol Generator
Save 37%
In stock
62,00000 38,99000
You save: 23,010.00
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Yantracart - The One Stop Industrial Shop

Yantracart is an online marketplace with a strong focus on B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) purchases of equipment in a variety of sectors, including industrial, gardening, agriculture & farming, office equipment, cleaning, safety supplies, power tools, packaging, and many more.

Our goal is to make online fulfilment simpler and less complicated for both vendors and buyers. We currently offer more than 10,000 items in more than 27000 area pin codes in India. Many SMOs, businesses, small vendors, and customers contact us anytime any-day. Besides providing products, we also strive to give our customers a positive fulfilment experience, which strengthens our bond with them.

What We Sell on Yantracart? 

Agriculture & Farming Machines

Agriculture is an essential part of our life. Most of the food and textiles in the world are produced by agriculture. Agriculture is our The agriculture process will be easier if you do that with the help of modern agriculture machines such as tiller/cultivator, transplanters, water pumps, crop harvesters etc. You will find a wide variety of agriculture machines on our site.

Food Processing Machines

Now a huge number of food items and food machines are available in the market. Some people make food for commercial purposes and it requires big food machines. At Yantracart you can find a huge category of food machines such as fruit juicers, coffee machines, snacks machines, rice mills, flour mills, vegetable cutter, oil press machines, egg incubators, ovens and bhattis and so on.

Cleaning Equipments

All human beings' health absolutely relies on the environment, hence maintaining clean surroundings is important. The only factor affecting the health of those nearby is a poor environment. You can take the cleaning operation to the next level by using modern cleaning equipment such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers, electric floor cleaners etc.

Industrial Machinery

The expansion of the transportation and communication sectors is facilitated by the capital goods industries' quick development. Additionally, it makes it possible for the nation to produce a wide range of consumer items in high volumes and at affordable prices. You can explore a wide range of industrial items including generators, welding machines, packaging machines, air compressors and more which will make your life easier.

Gardening Tools

Gardening is the horticultural method of developing and cultivating plants. Many people love to grow a garden in their house. For gardening purposes, a large variety of gardening tools are available on our site, such as tillers, sprayers, earth augers, lawn mowers, brush cutters and many more.

Power Tools

Power tools make our life much easier and hassle free. They are usually compact and easy to carry. At Yantracart you will find a large variety of power tools, including drill machines, electric hammers, power cutters, saws, grinders and so on.

Motor, Pumps & Engines

People interchangeably use motors and engines, but the difference is motors run on electricity and the engines run on fuel. Water pumps also have an important role in human life. It helps us in different fields such as domestic, industrial and agriculture. Yantracart has a wide variety of motors, engines and water pumps too.

Our Payment Methods 

COD - Customers can order their desired product at Yantracart with Cash on Delivery option. After successful delivery of products the amount will be collected by our delivery partners.

Partial COD - In that case, customers have to book the product which they want to buy by giving a booking amount of 10% or 25% and after successful delivery of the product the remaining amount will be collected by our delivery partners.

EMI - We provide easy EMI options to our customers which they can apply with their credit cards.

Prepaid - Customers can place their orders using Debit or Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Net Banking or UPI while buying from Yantracart. Yantracart Accepts almost all kinds of payment methods.

Benefits of Buying at Yantracart

Exciting Coupons - At Yantracart customers can apply promo codes while buying something from our site and get huge discounts on every product.

Free Shipping - We offer totally free delivery of our products across India. Customers of Yantracart do not have to pay for the delivery.

Warranty - Our customers will get 6 months of warranty on machine parts. During the warranty period, if any part of the machine stops working and it is not the customer's fault then we will provide the new part. After 6 months (end of the warranty period) we can still provide spare parts but it will be charged.